Sterile Products

Buffalo Pharmacies is committed to providing our patients with the highest quality compounded medications. We take the necessary steps to ensure this for each and every prescription we fill.

Clean Room

To protect our patients, our pharmacists work in a clean room when developing compounded medications. A clean room is an environmentally (temperature and humidity) controlled, virtually dust and bacteria free room that is designed and maintained in accordance with the United States Pharmacopoeia 797*.

Our clean room allows us to prepare sterile compounds including baths and soaks for organ tissues, implants, inhalations, injections, powders for injection, irrigations, metered sprays, ophthalmic and optic preparations.

Quality Assurance

There’s no question…we test every sterile product we create. Period.

Any compounds that we cannot test on site are sent to an outside lab for verification of their sterility. Occasionally, additional testing is performed as a secondary check to verify concentrations and potency.

Each of our staff members who work in sterile compounding are certified in house with a multi-injection media fill test procedure semi-annually. This test simulates a high-risk compounding procedure with a high degree of manipulation.

You can rest assured that your compounded medications are developed in the highest quality controlled environment possible.

Powder Room

As we are committed to the safety of our patients, we are also committed to the safety of our pharmacists. To protect our pharmacists and technicians, our powder room uses an AirClean® System with a powder safe hood that provides excellent protection to the operator while weighing powder ingredients. Within the powder room, we prepare capsules and weigh ingredients for other compounded medications including hormone replacement therapies and all respiratory irritants.

* USP – The United States Pharmacopoeia ** (USP), published every five years by the US Pharmacopoeia Convention is the official compendium recognized by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. The USP serves as the basis for enforcement actions by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration involving USP drugs. The USP is the official pharmacopoeia of the United States and several other countries.

** Pharmacopoeia – A pharmacopoeia is an official compilation of medicinal substances and/or articles with descriptions, tests and formulas for preparing them, selected by a recognized authority. The pharmacopoeia issued for a country is the legal standard of that nation.