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Buffalo Pharmacies Compounding combines the art of medication compounding with the latest medical knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to best meet your medication needs. Compounding of medications has seen a revival in recent years as health care providers seek out alternative therapies for their patients.

Our Buffalo, NY, pharmacy operates under the strictest quality guidelines. Our highly trained, specialized compounding pharmacists are committed to offering you the highest level of service and safety.

After a careful analysis of your specific treatment needs, your physician will work directly with our compounding pharmacists to create an individualized medication program to treat your illness. We will develop customized dosage forms based on your prescription from your physician. Compounding multiple medications allows for individualized and specialized treatment program that maximizes the benefits of the medications.

In most cases, your insurance plan will cover compounded medications. Many patients are responsible for paying only their insurance company’s co-pay, as with a traditional pharmacy. We recommend, however, that you review your individual insurance policy for details on what your health insurance policy will cover.

Come visit us and find out what compounding can offer you!