Quality Assurance

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Buffalo Pharmacies is committed to quality assurance and ongoing process improvements, both of which are critical for providing excellent resident care. Working closely with your staff, we will develop a service plan that meets your needs. Regular review of the plan will help to improve service and resident pharmaceutical care. We recommend routine meetings to:

  • Ensure compliance with the service plan
  • Modify the service plan when necessary
  • Monitor and enhance pharmaceutical care
  • Monitor the drug delivery system
  • Evaluate pharmacist and nurse performance
  • Manage the drug formulary
  • Monitor financial performance
  • Share best practices

In addition, we will provide your facility with customized reports to enhance appropriate and/or cost-effective therapy. Our information systems team will develop these reports to best meet your needs.

In our ongoing commitment to our facilities and residents, we make medication safety a top priority. Buffalo Pharmacies has developed safeguards to minimize the risk of medication errors:

Drug Product Code

Each medication label includes the code of the tablet or capsule dispensed, providing the facility nurse an extra check.

Tall Man Letters

To help differentiate between similar drug names, we print look-alike drug names in tall man letters, ex. SEROquel, SERZone, SEREntil.

Liquid/metric, partial tablet dose checking

Our pharmacists examine daily reports of all orders that include a metric dose delivered in liquid form or a partial tablet to ensure that the dose calculation is correct.