Short Cycle Dispensing

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By Parata Systems:

PACMED™ automates preparation of unit- and multi-dose adherence packaging with high efficiency and accuracy.

  • Current models support several canister configurations: 208, 250, 350 and 500
  • Parata helps your pharmacy optimize inventory to automate the highest possible percentage of medications; the STS tray supports incremental medication needs, including partial tablets
  • Smart technology (ACRS) establishes a unique identifier for each canister, so you can place them in any open position in the unit for accurate recognition.
  • Software interfaces are available to leading host systems
  • PACMED supports customizable bag designs to meet facilities’ unique preferences
  • Header and footer bags segregate orders; reminder bags integrate non-oral solid doses into the system

PACVision™ is an automated visual inspection system that reviews and flags exceptions in your Parata adherence packaging. PACVision reads the 2D barcode imprinted on each package to confirm the expected quantity, checks pills against a database for size, and flags exceptions for closer pharmacist review.

  • High-speed, high-accuracy inspection of each package based on quantity and pill size
  • Dedicated workstation for reviewing packages and checking exceptions, with additional workstations available as an option
  • Reporting supports discrepancy auditing
  • Compact footprint and simple design integrate easily into pharmacy workflow


Parata® oneDOSE supports first-dose medication demands for pharmacies using Parata adherence packaging. Parata customers have a unique opportunity to help their highest-acuity facilities manage first-dose meds effectively and securely on-site, including controlled substances. oneDOSE replaces e-kits and back-up boxes with a secure storage solution that ensures unit-dose access and control.

  • Significantly reduces stat medication expenses
  • Unit-dose inventory control assures real-time inventory management
  • Accurately dispenses unit doses, improving patient safety
  • Tracks controlled substances, eliminating the need for manual cycle counts beyond the state requirement (usually twice a year)
  • Audit trail includes user name, time/date stamp, medication(s) delivered and a digital user photo
  • Intuitive, kiosk-like interface